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Hello there, the name's Shelbi! I'm currently 18 years old and have a passion for television shows, movies, music, singing, playing guitar, poetry, running, and sometimes dancing. x] I believe that the Universe is a magical place which created us through stardust and that because of this we are all very unique. Cheers! :]

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"No, I’m an old whore, I’ll turn up to anything"

David Tennant [April 18, 1971]

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"You shouldn’t have lied to me. I know what kind of man you are."

Edited by Amy Kinley

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The real angels on Supernatural: Castiel/Cassiel. →


When I got curious about Nephilim and posted information about them here, I also got curious about the real angels and demons on the show. I was brought up in the Episcopal and Catholic churches, so I know a little bit about the different types of angels, but I don’t remember specifics about…

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Can we please see the drunken giraffe one last time? [x]

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How To Train Your Alien, by Lilo.

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